MH370 Families Reportedly Kicked Out Of Hotel For Ferrari

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Holding out hope against hope, the families of the missing passengers of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are struggling every day to hear new information. Just trying to be optimistic is itself a daily battle. And now they've reportedly been kicked out of their hotel to make way for the Ferrari Formula One team.


The Malaysian Grand Prix starts March 30th, and with each big race comes a massive amount of personnel from each team just to make sure the cars make the starting grid. Ferrari is no exception. Having booked their hotel a long time in advance, they needed to make sure every member of their team was properly housed.


Unfortunately, the housing they chose so long ago was also the hotel where many of the distraught family members of the unaccounted for passengers were residing. Around a dozen or so family members have been relocated to another hotel in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, but even still, it's another heartbreaking moment in a long three weeks of heartbreaking moments.

Via NBC:

Ecclestone said teams made their own travel arrangements and that the decision to move other guests would have been a matter for the hotel.

The Ferrari team, based in Maranello, northern Italy, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Eccelstone expressed sympathy for the families and said the hotel would have faced a difficult decision.

I don't think Ferrari is 100% at fault here, considering how many people they're responsible for and how far in advance the rooms were probably booked. Even still, such a horrible situation is not able to stop Muppet Jerk Bernie Ecclestone from being Muppet Jerk Bernie Ecclestone:

"I feel terribly, terribly sorry for these people," he said. "But it is up to the hotel. What would happen if you told somebody that they no longer had a booking? You would get sued, I'd imagine."


Bernie's right. The hotel could get sued. And what's more important, grieving families waiting for any small word on the fate of their loved ones, or a lawsuit with a potential financial settlement?

(Bernie's not right.)

I'm sure that lawsuit would go over really well, for Ferrari, in the court of public opinion.


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While I feel sad for the families of MH370, I don't think that Ferrari deserves any of the blame. No one could have anticipated this and they booked a hotel as they usually do. There is no correct course of action in a case like this. Ferrari would find it difficult to rebook its team in such a short space of time and likely they were not notified that the MH370 families were in "their" rooms. The hotel as well had no idea how long the MH370 families would stay for and they had a longstanding reservation for multiple rooms that probably has been in place for several years and they do not want to jeopardize that contract. I realize that I may sound insensitive, but I can't see a way out, especially considering that some of the families have been relocated already.