MG X-Power SV-S WRC Is The Drop Top British Supercar

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The British-owned leftovers of the collapse of MG Rover continue to develop cars, and this is their latest: The MG X-Power SV-S WRC (that's William Riley Convertible, not World Rally Championship). The SV-S WRC is obviously the pop-top version of the regular SV-S, but what isn't so obvious is the switch to an all Kevlar body, which means the car only gains 26.5 pounds. Motivation comes via a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 which pushes the big orange brute from a stop to 62 MPH in 3.8 seconds on to a top speed of 195 MPH.
Options for the car include a lift-off hard top instead of the folding soft top. And, if you aren't interested in that crushing performance, there is the SV-R WRC, which is the same car but with a 420 HP, non-supercharged v8 that'll do 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds and top out at just 185 MPH. Booooring. If the idea of a supercar wearing the MG moniker has your heart racing, you had better start saving your pence, as the SV-S WRC will ring in at £87,000, or around $153,000 USD. [Auto Express]


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Its a pity the Chinese did not retain this small fragment of Rover/MG when they swept up the remnants of the British car industry.

Then at least they could be manufacturing something that is fast,ugly and orange, instead of which .... What is it the Chinese automotive industry produces?.