MG Teases a Potential All-Electric Miata Competitor

The British automaker you forgot about looks to return for its small roadster crown.

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Screenshot: MG YouTube

MG, maker of some of the most memorable, tossable roadsters the automotive world has ever seen, is coming for Mazda. UK’s AutoCar reports MG is planning a two-seat EV that’s aimed directly at the world’s best selling roadster, the Mazda Miata.

MG Return of the Legend | MG Motor UK

MG teased the upcoming convertible in a video just over a minute long that dropped on Monday. The video is in low quality (it only tops out at 240p) shows a red roadster with a folding convertible top from various angles, red and white seats, someone’s hands running over the car, taillights, wheels, a lion for some reason (which might hint at the roadsters name) and ends with the headlights coming on.

The roadster is being called an “affordable halo car” for the brand and is supposed to go on sale by 2024. Leaked patent images obtained by AutoCar show the full design of the roadster. And if you’re questioning whether or not the patent images are those of the roadster seen in the video, it is. The taillights, which have almost a strange, Polestar 1 design to them, match up.

2021 MG Cyberster Concept
2021 MG Cyberster Concept
Image: MG

The roadster is said to be based on a concept shown in 2021 coined the “Cyberster.” That concept garnered so much interest the company claims it was given the ok for production after MG received 5,000 expressions of interest from would-be buyers.

It’ll be interesting to see if this roadster joins MG’s lineup, which is a sad roster of Chinese-made vehicles. MG was purchased in 2007 by Chinese automaker SAIC motors and no longer builds any vehicles in the UK.

Just don’t get your hopes up on this roadster coming to the U.S. — MG hasn’t been a thing in the States since the 1980s.