Shanghai Automotive plans to introduce four new MG models to the UK market starting next year. The company just relaunched production of the MG TF with a limited edition run of 500 vehicles, but its plans to bring MG to the USA have fallen through. All four models will be built at Longbridge, which is currently having its production capacity expanded with new staff and equipment to handle the task. Shanghai (which merged with Nanjing last year) claims this assures the future of the historically troubled facility. But what new models is MG bringing to market? Will the just be based on sub-par Chinese vehicles? Can MG really find sales success? The first new car will be a TF replacement better equipped (ie not dating from 1995) to compete with the Mazda MX-5. Expect it late next year. That will be followed by a mid-size sedan based on the Roewe 550; it aims to take on the Mazda6 when it’s introduced in late 2010. Following that, there are plans for a Focus-sized vehicle and an all-new supermini. The Chinese made Rover 75-platformed MG ZT will not be making a return to the European market. The reborn MG brand will initially be marketed and sold in the UK, if it succeeds there, sales will extend to other countries in Europe. It sounds like Shanghai intends to take the reintroduction of MG slowly, currently producing just 500 MG TF LE500s. By producing cars in England they’ll be making use of an expensive workforce, meaning they’re unlikely to massively undercut rivals’ prices. If MG take 3 is to succeed, it’ll need to be competitive with brands like Mazda, Renault and European Ford in one of the most product-led markets in the world. [via Autocar]