Mexico's Daniel Suarez Can Tell Off The Haters In Three Different Languages

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Being the first Mexico-born driver to win a NASCAR national series race and title, as well as the first Mexican driver to compete full-time in the top level of NASCAR, Daniel Suarez is making history almost by the day. But, naturally, Suarez is getting some flak for English not being his first language.

That’s right. Suarez is breaking records and cultural barriers left and right after moving to the U.S. from Monterrey, Mexico a few years ago to chase a NASCAR dream. And now that he’s fulfilled that dream, the guy gets comments like this on social media: “I hope he learns to speak English...can’t understand anything he says in the interviews..needs interpreter.”

Rather than firing off an angry tweet, Suarez responded to those lovely, kind, congratulatory words like this:


Good point, Daniel—eloquent English, too.

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I always find it funny when people criticize others because of their accents, despite the fact that they are speaking proper English, especially since many of these accusers were born in the USA can neither write nor speak proper English. I mean, seriously, the emails I receive from some native English speakers are ridiculous. I bet that many of these complainers write and speak at barely a 6th grade level which is bigly ironic to me.

For example, I work in construction and I was meeting the owner of a painting company on site so that they could give me a bid for the new project. The guy was running late and called me to let me know and also complained that he got the address wrong because my estimator’s English was not very good. I became enraged since not only is this estimator a good friend of mine and an extremely talented person, he also speaks PERFECT English, albeit with a heavy Colombian accent. With a very angry tone, I told the guy on the phone, “Actually, his English is perfect and he and I speak on a regular basis without any misunderstanding. I am only going to be here for another five minutes so please hurry up.” After the somewhat awkward site visit, I received some of the most grammatically incorrect emails from this guy, which is upsetting because not only has this guy been speaking only English during his 50+ years of life, he is also a major business owner. Needless to say, this guy did not get the job - there are plenty of other painting contractors in the NYC area that are more open minded.