Messerschmitts Star In Least Macho Dirt Track Race Ever

We have no idea how or why this came about. We're just happy to know that at one point in time people gathered enough Messerschmitt KR200s to commandeer a dirt track and hold a race to the death...of pride.


This scene comes from a Finnish musical called Iskelmäprinssi (Prince Of The Hit Parade), which despite appearances was made in 1991. What's this movie about? Thank goodness there's a combination of Wikipedia and Google Translate to tell us:

Earth has rotated so many times around the sun that has reached the early 1960s. Martin, Blue, Rami and Bambi elelevät sand pits cut through the mass of a country village haaveineen. Martin would like a career musician, Blue to build a career in fashion models in Helsinki , Rami miss working Bambilla rally star and future plans are still open. Between the monitored luihun pop boss, the movie "bad guy", attempts to find new lead singer promises...Young people can not agree, however, to focus on kuhinointiin can breathe, as the rally Ramin dreams of kingship to be tuned ajokaluaan victory Bambi wants to get in shape and out of small rural village surroundings. He has a good singing voice, which she wins the popular song contest. But the organizer of the competition starts to harass Bambia car's back seat and the girl's pop star dreams of flowing tears in the sand.


Sorry, forgot the spoiler alert. (H/T to Fast_Nel!)

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I dunno what you're talking about. Death of pride...COME ON.

If i were given the HONOR of driving one of these awesome little droplets of ambrosia, I would strip down to my underwear, don my pirate hat, and hit the road with a naughty sea shanty dimed on the system. People would stand in awe of my glory, and I would soon be stampeded like a pop star and dragged to a nearby church, where I would be thrust up on the altar to be worshiped as the Over-god of a automotive pantheon. I would be LORD OR THE ENGINES! CAPTAIN MESSY SCHMITT THE ALMIGHTY!

They would sculpt my likeness in bronze and marble. I would replace Rocky as the working-class hero.

Foreigner would get back together to write a song about me. "Everybody's workin for Overlord".

It would be great, the Messerschmitt and me. Or I. Messerschmitt and I.