If you’re like me, the regular Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet is basically indistinguishable from a Mitsubishi Mirage four-seat convertible. My levels of taste and luxury are so incredibly refined that I had an angel-meat and unicorn-egg omelette for breakfast today and it was just okay.

Finally, Mercedes has just teased a convertible for a person of my level of taste, and I guess it’ll be okay. I guess.

The day after tomorrow Mercedes-Benz will officially announce their new four-seat cabriolet at this week’s LA Auto Show, but they’re giving us this sneak peek now.

It’s Mercedes’ second car to carry the resurrected (though now as a trim level) Maybach name, and as such it’s supposed to be a significant jump up from the already pretty swank S-Class cabrio it’s based on.

From what we can tell from this video, any edge that sat still long enough got a bunch of chrome trim slapped on, there’s fancy speakers in the roof’s tonneau cover, stripey panels of what I’m assuming is some expensive wood, probably bits of the True Cross or something, and everything is slathered in enough leather to convince any cow you might be driving anywhere that you’re like the Bovine Ed Gein.


Oh, and I’m told this is all semi-aniline leather, so if you are the sort of uncultured rube who thinks full aniline leather is just fine, the interior designers at Mercedes don’t want your probably overall-clad ass in these seats, anyway.

The seats are also perforated for full heating, cooling and (presumably) urine removal, as well as being filled with massaging equipment, some of which is likely designed to end, happily.


Really, there’s a lot of asses that likely won’t get into these seats, since one of the shots shows a plaque on the dash that says 1 of 300. So, either there’s only going to be 300 of these total, or there’s a first edition of some kind that will be exclusive.

The ragtop will likely be powered by the same twin-turbo, 6.0-liter V12 as the non Maybach one, but could be uprated from the current 523 horsepower/ 612 lb-ft (437 Nrp). It’s likely to be RWD only, paired to either Mercedes’ seven or nine-speed auto.


Of course, it’ll have all the premium sound and infotainment stuff as the regular S-Class, but hopefully will go further, like using endangered falcon blood to dye the taillight lenses. It will have Mercedes’ Air Balance cabin air fragrance system, but hopefully with uprated stinks, like genetically reconstructed mammoth musk.


If you’re concerned the world just doesn’t realize just how rich you are, then this is very good news indeed. Perhaps the puddle lamps will be dynamic displays that can show, in real-time, your net worth every time you open the door? That’d be handy.