Mercedes Formula One Driver Nico Rosberg Uses Maxi Pads

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So, maxi pads: they're these things for menstruation. A woman's miserable-time. Surely, you've seen the commercials, or if not, Deadspin has a thorough explainer. Only, for obvious reasons, Nico Rosberg doesn't use them like that. He told Sky Sports at the extremely muggy Malaysia race that he uses them to absorb sweat.

Nico Rosberg puts his maxi pads at the opposite end than most users: in his helmet, facing down to catch sweat. Given how absorbent maxi pads are (seriously, they can hold a lot of...erm, gross), sticking one in your helmet is a pretty ingenious idea.

Rosberg has an eye issue where getting sweat in his eye is very bad news. Driving a Formula One car is obviously an activity that demands functional eyeballs. Usually he has a headband that helps keep sweat out of said eye, but apparently that wasn't enough for the all-encompassing armpit that is the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Serious question: can you get FIA-rated fireproof maxi pads? Because, um, asking for a friend. My friend claims the usual plasticky ones are a tad chafey whenever you move around and sweat a whole bunch. Chafing is bad. The nomex ones could be worth it.


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matt miller

i wonder what these could do for swamp ass? never thought about it. my pants get hot all the time.