Mercedes Bullet-Proof Build Is Back... Ya Think?

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Mercedes-Benz has sorted-out its quality control problems. Warranty claims are down, customers are blissful and JD Power will soon be blowing kisses from behind the bike shed. Welcome to the world according to Paul Halata. AutoWeek reports that the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA is feeling pretty positive about his brand these days— despite a bizarre unwillingness to quantify the claimed improvements or cite any research suggesting that Mercs no longer leak or have bits falling off. Halata made his claims in Frankfurt, around the time the new S-Class was unveiled. Staying in advanced optimist mode, Halata also predicted that US sales of the latest luxury liner will exceed year 2000 s high water mark: 30,300 vehicles. Do we hear 30,301?

Mercedes' U.S. CEO believes automaker's quality is back on track [AutoWeek]

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