Mercedes-Benz Will Now Sell You A Whole Bunch Of Cars Directly From Its Museum

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Interested in buying an old Mercedes, but shied away because you’re worried that Craigslist is full of randos and murderers and this guy? Those may or may not be reasonable fears! But fear not, as Mercedes itself has you covered. If you’re willing to pay serious money, it’ll sell you a car right out of its own museum collection.

How much money is serious money? The site that Merc is showcasing the cars on, (seriously, yes, I know), lists the price of the 74,800-mile, three-owner 1994 E60 AMG pictured above at just €189,000, or just a hair over $200,000. And isn’t a bit over $200,000 worth it for a 21-year-old three-owner car?

(All sarcasm and jokes aside, I would kill at least three people of my own choosing to own an E60 AMG. The E60 AMG was a searing-hot version of the already hot Mercedes-Benz 500E, which were all hand-built by Porsche over 18 days. Only 45 E60 AMGs were ever built, and for the time, they were absolute Teutonic sledgehammers. This particular one has 375 horsepower, and goes from zero to highway speeds in 5.4 seconds. You could do worse with your hard-earned $200,000.)


Want a fast classic Mercedes, but feel an ultra-rare E60 AMG is a bit slow and common? How about a 1998 CLK-LM? The example they’ve got is Chassis No. 1, and was only used in pre-qualifying at Le Mans, once. It’s got a 600 horsepower V8, and the price is available “by request,” which means “more than the value of your children.”


But hey, check out its interior, which is somehow both the most simple, and yet the most complex interior ever created, all at the same time.


Maybe speed isn’t your thing, though. Maybe you just want to tootle around town in style, in class, in a 1929 Mercedes-Benz 630 Kompressor.


That’s pretty much a steal at $911,642.

You might expect every car from Mercedes’ own collection to be in top condition, but you’d actually be wrong about that. Some of them are perfect, some of them could use a little buffing and shining here and there, and some of them, well, some of them need some work, as Mercedes tells it:

All vehicles are categorised into three editions that describe their condition and authenticity:

- Premium Edition: classic cars in rare original condition with very few miles on the clock and vehicles that have been lovingly restored by the experts at Mercedes-Benz Classic in Fellbach/Stuttgart.

- Collectors Edition: these cars are in excellent condition both technically and visually. Their patina gives them a particularly special character.

- Drivers Edition: vintage vehicles and modern classics suitable for everyday driving and for people who want to tinker. These cars are in excellent technical condition but still offer potential for further restoration work.


Sounds pretty worth it.

Post all your favorites below, and then buy the m and give them to me.

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