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Mercedes-Benz Trademarks Silly Name For Its Electric Car Brand

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In June, we speculated about how Mercedes-Benz could potentially launch an electric-only brand. We didn’t have a name for the brand. Now we do. And it’s really very silly.

EQ. That’s it, according to Auto Express, anyways. Mercedes has filed a bunch of UK trademark applications this month, with names that use the EQ prefix.


From the story:

...Recent trademark applications suggest that Mercedes is lining up a range of vehicles that will carry the ‘EQ’ prefix in their names - and that they’re likely to exist under a more conventional sub-brand called MEQ. The firm has asked to register everything from EQA and EQB through to EQX. It has also applied to register slogans including ‘EQ inside’, ‘EQ boost’ and ‘Generation MEQ’; these would probably be used in the firm’s marketing material for the new range of vehicles.


While that all sounds very exciting, the moniker does not. It looks and sounds like a hodgepodge of letters. It looks and sounds like alphabet soup.

Or a vision test.


Or a setting on a vintage Walkman.


Update: This story has been been updated to cite the original source of the trademarking, which was Auto Express, not Autocar.