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The 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE convertible from The Hangover is up for auction next week. Despite transporting Mike Tyson's tiger, it's in good shape. The convertible joins the El Camino from My Name Is Earl and other famous cars.


If you're a motion-picture buff into collecting, Mecum's Spring Classic Auction features plenty of motorized memorabilia not mauled by jungle cats. In addition to the El Camino and Mercedes, there are Iron Man Cobras, Charlie's Angels faux-F1 cars, and two Knight Rider KITTs.

The full list of cars for the auction is gigantic but lacks identifiers, so we'd like your help in identifying random ones like this 1971 Ford Ranger and GTO Judge. If you think you know where a car is from, drop a pic and your guess in the comments below. (Hat tip to Spence!)


[Mecum via Motobullet]

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