Mercedes-AMG One Hybrid Hypercar Is Finally Entering Production

It turns out that making a 1.6-liter F1-derived V6 road legal is actually kind of tough.

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Two men fit the bumper to a $3 million hypercar.
Production is kicking off on the 275 Mercedes-AMG One hypercars.
Photo: Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes-AMG’s One hypercar hasn’t had the easiest gestation period. It was announced approximately 10,000 years ago and has faced numerous delays, most notably because it turns out that it’s hard to get a 1.6-liter F1-derived V6 that revs to the moon to meet emissions targets.

Thankfully, according to an announcement made this week by Mercedes-AMG, the delays are (probably) over, and the AMG One is entering production with the first customer deliveries set to take place sometime before the end of the year.


In case you need a little refresher on the AMG One, it’s a no-holds-barred hypercar that leverages Mercedes-AMG’s considerable engineering expertise and success in Formula 1 to create what is possibly the ultimate hybrid with a price tag to match. All 275 AMG One buyers shelled out a whopping $3 million for the privilege of owning one, and that’s not exactly chump change.

The ONE and Only – The New Mercedes-AMG ONE

Each AMG One will be hand-assembled in a small factory in the UK by Mercedes’ partner Multimatic (a name you might recognize from a bunch of places, but definitely from its role in building the current Ford GT). The finished cars will be shipped to AMG’s headquarters in Affalterbach, Germany, for customer delivery.


With 1,049 horsepower on tap from its electric motors and internal combustion engine, paired with a super lightweight composite chassis, the AMG one promises to be one of the most extreme cars on the planet and a hell of a send-off to the internal combustion hypercar in general.