The Mercedes-AMG GT is a luxurious yet delightfully hardcore model in its own right. What happens when you cut the top off and give it a whole heaping of more power, and make it launch to highway speed 3.7 seconds? You get this, the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster. And it comes in two flavors.

The most exciting version is the one you see up top, which Mercedes is calling the AMG GT C. That one comes with 557 horsepower out of its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, which is 46 more than that of the AMG GT S coupe, and that’s the one which will do zero to highway speeds faster than you can spit.

Mercedes didn’t just lop the 11-second roof off and call it a day, however. It also fiddled with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, with the gearbox getting a higher ratio overall, but a lower ratio fitted to the seventh gear. That means more acceleration overall, but with easier cruising. The rear of the car is now 57 millimeters wider, the same as the positively bonkers AMG GT R, which helps to cover the rear-wheel steering from the R. Below 62 miles per hour, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction of the front wheels. Above that mark, they turn in the same direction for additional stability.

There’s also a trick cooling system from the R, designed to make everything nice and comfy, even if you take it to a track.


There’s also a regular roadster version, but “regular” here is a bit of a misnomer. It still has 476 horsepower – five more than what you’d get on a Ferrari F40 back in the day – and will do zero to 62 miles an hour in four seconds flat.

Not bad. But shutup, because just look at the thing.