Mercedes 300SD-amino Camper, Just In Time For The Coming Financiapocalypse

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This Mercedes 300SD camper conversion nicely combines two of our Ten Best Vehicles For The Coming Financiapocalypse. Essentially it's a sedan that's been hacked "professionally built by a skilled fabricator" into a 300SD-amino, and then had a pickup truck-bed camper plopped in the back. For just $4000 it's not a bad deal, with two beds, a table and even a kitchen sink. Of course, you could always combine two other cars on the list — an air-cooled VW and a mini RV — for the more traditional alternative of a VW stoner camper van. We'll still probably just follow our own advice and hold onto what we own now.
[LA Craigslist] (Hat tip to Aleksandr!)