A lot of husbands like to think they're better drivers than their wives. A lot of wives like to think that they're better drivers than their husbands. So what do they tell each other when they do something wrong in a car? Apparently, not much.

About 1,000 husbands and wives were surveyed as to what they do and don't tell their spouse when it comes to damaging the family cars or other little illegal driving mishaps and shenanigans.

In news that isn't so shocking, 35 percent blame dings on someone else, 25 percent don't tell their partner about a ticket, and 24 percent keep car accidents a secret.

And 19 percent admit to driving without insurance and then not saying anything to their spouse. That one is just plain stupid.


Apparently men are worse about this than their wives. About 42 percent of men ding a car and then blame it on someone else, compared to 27 percent of women.

Lying doesn't make sense, especially if you have a crash. Crashes make for a notable amount of damage that your spouse will notice. Unless you lied and told him/her that you don't own a car at all. Then there is no lie to be told, since you don't own a car at all.


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