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From the department of obvious things comes a poll indicating a third of men are afraid of their female partners' driving habits. The inquiry, completed by, even has a convenient top ten list of male complaints.


The poll studied the responses of 3,000 men at (not what we'd call a scientific study) who were asked a series of normalized questions on the subject of their opinion of being a passenger riding along with a female driver. The results concluded a solid third of men are afraid in the passenger seat. One-fifth of respondents admit to gripping the seat cushion because of anxiety and unsurprisingly a large majority believe themselves to be better drivers.

Below are the top ten complaints men in the survey had about female drivers:


1. Lack of concentration

2. Braking too late

3. Flicking the accelerator

4. Not avoiding rumble strips

5. Getting too close to other cars

6. Braking too hard

7. Fiddling with the stereo

8. Failure to indicate

9. Going too fast

10. Sticking in the middle lane

So now that's out of the way, men, does this sound accurate? What are some of your most harrowing moments with the lady friend at the wheel. Ladies, is this total BS and guys are just too controlling in the car? Is this study an example of blind bias playing into the female-as-inferior-driver stereotype? Discuss. [Telegraph]


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