Meet The Worst Driver In The World

If you get in one accident early in your driving career, you tend to get over it and attribute it to a lack of experience. Get into a second or a third, and you might start to realize that you need some more training or confidence behind the wheel.

This Chinese driver has had seven accidents in just three to four years. Perhaps she should consider leaving the roads forever.


The driver in question only goes by Ms. Xu, and she has been on the roads for a pretty short amount of time. She learned to drive in the USA while studying abroad, apparently, and since then she's caused thousands in carnage.

She has reportedly been in seven serious road accidents (and possibly dozens of minor ones), the most recent of which was this weekend. This time, Ms. Xu, her short shorts, and the highest heels on Earth survived a fourth rollover accident unscathed. Yes, you read that right, she has had four rollovers in four years. Yikes.

She even passed the breathalyzer test, so we can't even excuse her by saying she's an alcoholic.

Her license is still valid. If you live in Nanjing, China, it might be a good idea to get off the roads until she moves away or has her eighth crash.


(Hat Tip to Anthony!)

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