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Mannie Fresh: Wheel man— BBC Autos

This was put in our group chat with an emphatic request to share. I'm not sure who Mannie Fresh is, but hey, give it a whirl.

To cap off the 10-day cultural feast/bacchanal that is the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival – recognised the world over simply as Jazz Fest – the Microsoft-sponsored pop-up arts and culture organisation 1MSQFT paired up with local arts initiative New Orleans Airlift to host a rather eclectic rally.

'Supernatural' Impala is a big-block powered demon hunter— Driving


Oh helllllllz yeah.

Somewhere out beyond the small town of Ashcroft, B.C., a winding, lonely canyon road runs through hilly ranchland like a mountain creek made of sun-baked tarmac.

GP of Indy – Why change was good — Racer


I was meh on this race before it happened, appalled at the start, and then pleasantly surprised by the competitiveness of the whole thing. Longtime IndyCar scribe Robin Miller puts his thoughts down on why it was a good thing.

It was a gut shot for old-schoolers to see an Indy car going the wrong way down the front straightaway at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last year during a test. And, when IndyCar announced the month of May would open with a road course race in 2014, A.J. Foyt spit nails, Bobby Unser burned his Oldtimer's hat, Donald Davidson developed chest pains and the ghost of Bill Vukovich began wailing.