Meet The Prankster Who's Trolled Volkswagen, FIFA And Kanye West

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Earlier today at the Geneva Motor Show, a protestor interrupted a speech being given by Volkswagen board member Jurgen Stuckmann to try and “fix” one of its illegal diesels. The car in question wasn’t actually a diesel, but if you’re from Europe, you may have recognized the guy behind the protest/prank. His name is Simon Brodkin, and it wasn’t his first rodeo.

You may have seen him from the time he threw money all over former FIFA president and international gremlin-clown Sepp Blatter:

Or from the time he did... something? I guess, during Kanye’s set at Glastonbury:

I know, I don’t really get it, either.

Brodkin is primarily known for his “Lee Nelson” chav character, which he uses in standup and in various television appearances, and which you could think of as an ever-so-slightly more self-aware and much squeakier-voiced version of Ali G, though that doesn’t really come close to it:

His standup comedy aside, he is now truly one of the greats in our book. Because for the first time ever in recorded history, something that wasn’t excruciatingly boring happened at an auto show.


Maybe we’ll get him tickets to Detroit next year.

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chav character

So it’s ok to use a pejorative term if it’s not American slang?