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Meet The Most Secretive Porsche 911 Builder In The World

Screencap via Studio Kippenberger
Screencap via Studio Kippenberger

Porsche 911 specialist Willi Thom is one of the most elusive men in the world. It took the car-crazed filmmakers of Studio Kippenberger four years just to find Thom, as he has no phone, email or website. This teaser for Kippenberger’s latest film offers a rare look in Thom’s shops.


Thom was working on a 1980 911 SC backdating project for Bugatti design head Achim Anscheidt, meticulously shaving weight as they went through the car. His services are referral only and he refuses to make his location public, but he agreed to take Kippenberger through every part of the backdating process. You can purchase the full video series on the car on Vimeo here.


In the end, design elements were swapped to look like those on an earlier 911, but the project was so much more than cosmetic. Anscheidt’s finished car, complete with kevlar body panels, a spotless engine bay and a thoroughly bare-bones interior, is incredible.

Short Throw Shifter? No. from STUDIO KIPPENBERGER on Vimeo.

The featherweight car is down to 1,807 lbs, and oh-so-vital for a design chief, it’s just stunning to look at.


Close out your week with the best Porsche porn around.

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How can you possibly know this?

The most secret 911 builder in the world would still be secret.