Meet The Master Craftsman Who Makes The Engines For Singer's 911s

Frank Honsowetz of Ed Pink Racing Engines doesn’t even consider himself a “Porsche guy,” and specializes in building drag racing motors. But he is the only man that Singer Vehicle Design trusts to assemble their drool-worthy flat-six motors.


A Porsche 911 “reimagined” by Singer seem insanely expensive for what, at first glance, seem like heavily reworked older sports cars. But you don’t really buy these cars for lap times or top speed. People buy Singers because they want an attention to detail and a level of craftsmanship not found on most cars that come out of a factory.


Singer’s newest motor is a 4.0-liter flat-six that Petrolicious called a “work of art.” After Honsowetz and his team at EPRE work their magic the motor not only looks amazing puts down an impressive 390 horsepower that will allow your Singer to sprint to 60 mph in about 3.3 seconds.

In this video from Hagerty, we see how Honsowetz and his people go to work.

(via Road and Track)

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