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Meet The Ferrari Owner Everyone Loves To Hate

Illustration for article titled Meet The Ferrari Owner Everyone Loves To Hate

"Success comes to those who work for it." That's what the latest Car Bros. video says about Damien Stonebrook, and it's spot-on accurate. He grew up around exotic cars thanks to his rich Cinemax director dad, and after crashing the M3 convertible he got for his 16th birthday, he knew he had to go the Ferrari route.


It's all about the history of the brand, you see. Stonebrook appreciates how Enzo Ferrari started his own car company in the 1930s after failing to be impressed by one of Lamborghini's offerings. He loves the little details, too, like the checkered flags on the exclusive Michelin-brand tires.


"I like knowing that when I pull up next to a less-successful person at a stoplight, that my car's worth more than their house," Stonebrook says.

Man's an American hero. He even pays for most of the gas himself.

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