Meet The Cutest Rally Co-Driver In The World

This is a sign to get your kids involved in all your automotive efforts.

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When’s the best time to start your career as a rally co-driver? As with most things, I’d assume the younger the better — and that’s just what this dad has done with his daughter.

This video comes from Ridonkulous Rally Sports, a YouTube channel that shares videos of a family-run team’s efforts to conquer the local rally world. There are tons of great in-car shots from domestic American rallies for those of you that love events like the Southern Ohio Forest Rally or the Sno*Drift Rally that takes place in the winter.


But there are also plenty of videos of the family having fun, and that’s just what we have with this co-driver clip:

The short video is worth a watch. In it, a young girl has a book on her lap and takes it upon herself to direct the driver where he needs to go. She calls out a series of directions and numbers from her Things That Go book, occasionally agreeing with the driver when he lets her know they have to take a hairpin.


It ends with a wonderful sentiment: “When the kid wants to help, you let her help. When she asks to ride in the car when you’re pulling it in the shop for the night, you give her a ride, even if it’s only a 20 sec ride. When she climbs in and turns that red light on and then pulls out her pace notes all on her own, you always 100% take that freakin ride! Never get so busy that you miss the little things. The most important things.”

Kudos to you, dad. It sounds like you’re raising a future rally champion! And for everyone else at home: get your kids involved with your cars. Many of my favorite childhood memories revolve around being included in my family’s automotive pursuits. Bring the little ones in and have some fun.