What, BMW owners who didn't buy their cars because they're the ultimate rear-wheel drive machine? Shocking! And they love the 2-series Active Tourer compact MPV? What's the weather like in hell today?

This is the What Car? reader preview of the 2 Active and it's like they found the most sensible and practical BMW customers out there. Or perhaps just the people who buy BMWs in the UK now. One says he's been waiting for a BMW like the 2 Active. Another says she doesn't drive in winter because of the rear-wheel drive in her 3-series Compact.


I don't know about you, but I cringed more than expected. But clearly there's a market for this car. It's a BMW designed from a customer complaint box, so this proves its potential for success even more. And all the other front-wheel drive BMWs in the pipeline. And you thought everyone had a BMW now!

But I really have to wonder why these people who don't like rear-wheel drive or wanted a small minivan didn't buy a car from another manufacturer. And if the answer includes the word "premium," I don't want to know.

Photo: BMW

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