Meet the 21-Year-Old Student With 30 Supercars

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Dhiaa Al-Essa, a 21-year-old engineering student, drives a personal fleet of 30 supercars, including three Lamborghinis and five Ferraris. After getting a Koenigsegg Agera for next year's 22nd birthday, his garage will be worth $12 million. Slack jawed yokels, behold.

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Yes, it's not his money. Al-Essa's father, whom we believe to be billionaire Mohammed Al-Issa, 85, has given Dhiaa not just the vehicles but the "070" personalized plates (at $153,000 per) and the resources to spend the summer flying the globe with his friends on driving tours. Once the new models arrive, Al-Essa will have a garage worth $12 million.

The full roster of his collection includes five Porsches, a sprinkling of Rolls Royces and for when he wants to go slumming, a Lexus LS460. To make the Koenigsegg a little less anonymous among the crowd, Al-Essa's father plans to have a key made from gold.

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Despite the phalanx of speed and wealth at his disposal, Al-Essa knows the despair life can bring, just like you and I. It was his Ferrari 458 Italia, complete with Dolce & Gabbana interior, that burned at Heathrow Airport in London last month.

"I was devastated by it," he said. "I flew back to Riyadh for a week before returning to London where I drove a Mercedes and used the underground – I actually love travelling on public transport."

Dhiaa was planning to drive the 458 from London to Paris and then on to Cannes, Monaco – where his family's 180ft yacht is docked – Milan and Geneva before heading back to London via the French capital.

"I won't be getting another Ferrari 458 Italia," he said. "I think it was an unlucky car as I had to take it back to the dealer because of heating problems."


Instead, Al-Essa will get the last Ferrari 599 built. Running out of luck should be the least of his concerns.

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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

Who gives a shit really?

I'm sorry, but i just don't care about some oil-rich trust-funder that can buy anything he wants because he was born to the right family.

What do we learn from this? Coveting? Is that the moral of this story?

Seriously, how many cars can you drive simultaneously? One. So why should I give a shit that you can splurge on a fleet of cars that will remain mostly dormant?

I'm not trying to be the turd in the punch bowl, but people like this drive me crazy.

Since when did old money start to take on the 'virtues' of the nouveau riche?

I'm not even jealous of this guy, he is going to live his life in some dream world while people he thinks are his friends use him as a means to their desired lifestyle. He is going to be used, ignored, discounted and lip-serviced his entire life.

Sorry, I like owning a 5 year-old car, a wife that didn't need to sign a pre-nub and a mortgage. I experience life.

30 cars, I'm sure he has 10 girlfriends and none of them would be there if it weren't for the 6 carats hanging from their ears.