In Siberia, a simple rainstorm can turn a road into not just mud but quicksand. Snow drifts close roads for months, and streams come and go. The vehicle of choice? The six-wheel Trekol, a two-ton amphibian with pillow-soft tires.

The key to the Trekol's fortitude are its tires — engineered with a special rubber compound to operate with just 1.5 pounds per square inch of air pressure, about a tenth of air pressure at sea level and well below the 25-35 psi used in most vehicle tires. Just as lowering the pressure on a truck tire gives it more grip in snow, the Trekol's tires can grip nearly any surface, and are large enough to float the Trekol in open water.


The six-wheel version can seat eight people, takes a variety of gas or diesel engines and even has a mounting point for an outboard motor. The fiberglass body is also well-insulated enough for the Trekol to operate in temperatures of -76 degrees Fahrenheit — still not quite as low as the coldest Siberian nights, but close enough to not worry about the occasional polar bear nibble.

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