Meet Opee, The Baja-Racing Dirt Bike Dog

Equipped with his very own helmet cam, Opee the motocross dog rides shotgun as his owner races the Baja 500 and hopes one day to go down in the Guinness Book of world records as the fastest dog on earth.


Opee rides in a custom helmet, neck brace and inflatable vest to protect him from injury, but that didn't prevent him from getting a skinned nose and a hurt paw during a 75 MPH crash in Baja.

Oppee's owner Simon didn't intend to turn him into a motorcycle dog. He used to chase Simon through the desert while he went for rides, so Simon bought a quad for Opey to ride along. The dog soon complained about dust in his eyes, so he started wearing goggles and the rest is history.

Simon hopes to see Opee featured in a movie in the future and plans to do a back flip into a foam pit with him on board. [The Off Road Puppy viaYahoo]

Thanks for the tip, Mom!

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