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Lotus has announced that Carmen Jordá is its new development driver for the year. Could she beat Susie Wolff to a Formula One drive? We're not sure, but it's pretty awesome to see another woman nudging closer to competing in F1.


Lotus says Jordá will focus on simulator and fitness work for now, with the goal of getting her seat time in the new E23 Hybrid car by the end of the year.

Jordá isn't a standout per se. She placed a career-highest of sixth place in 2009 for the European F3 Open series. Unfortunately, like Wolff, the number of wins to her name is a big ol' goose-egg zero.


She's also another kid of an ex-driver, José Miguel Jordá. Given the number of ex-drivers' superbabies in the sport, I guess that's par for the course.

"It feels like a dream come true to join Lotus F1 Team," she told Lotus. "I've been racing since I was ten years old so it was my dream to drive a Formula 1 car since I was very young."

In addition to the usual background of European open-wheel series, she also has a season in Indy Lights.

Will she finally be able to eke out a win in something with Lotus' support? Ehhh. Ehhhhh. I don't know.


But hey, another woman! Cool. (Can we maybe poach de Silvestro or someone with a solid driving record next time?)

Photo: Lotus F1

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