Meet Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog

This is Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog. Yeah, I know this has nothing to with cars — sure, I mean, AT-ATs move, right — well, at least fictionally. But whatever, look at this little pup — he's adorable!

While messing around on Facebook this evening, I came across a page for "Bones Mello, the AT-AT Dog." Apparently his owner decided the adorable canine needed an AT-AT costume, so he made it for him. Better yet, Bones Mello seems like such a good sport about it. Flip through more shots above to see some of the process of how the doggie-Star Wars sausage was made.


If you want to see the rest, head on over to Bones Mello's facebook page to "Like" him, see some "fashion shots" taken on Hoth, and to let them know you found Lord Vader's puppy here on Jalopnik.


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