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Stuff like this makes me almost never want to own a truly fast car again. When you take it in for service, how do you really know the mechanics aren't taking it on some insane joyride? That's exactly what happened to one Ford Focus ST owner in England, something he only found out through a dash camera.


For once, The Daily Mail's typical deep-seated outrage is justified in the tale of Lancashire man Wayne Clinning, who took his Focus ST to a Pye Motors Ford shop so mechanics could check the speedometer. But he realized something was amiss when he noticed half a tank of gas was gone.

So he checked his dash cam footage, and this is what he found:

On a 10-minute drive, the mechanics reportedly got his car up to 118 mph on public roads, including one truly scary right-side pass you can see around the 1:03 mark in the video. Yeesh.


According to the story, the mechanic behind the wheel wildly exceeded the speed limit in several areas and got into or close to the triple digits at least a few times.

"They have violated my trust, joy ridden my car and lied to me," Clinning told the newspaper. "They were just using and abusing my car, flooring it up and down the motorway. I bet this happens all the time and they keep getting away with it. They may be doing it to everyone's' cars, and people might not even realize."

The mail reports Pye Motors is launching an investigation into the incident, and refunded Clinning £500 plus two new tires. The police are also looking into it.

I wonder how often this happens at garages. No, wait. I don't actually want to know.

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