Meanwhile In Russia, A Lada Got Completely Iced

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As I’m sitting here, cautiously enjoying the freakishly warm February in New York City, it’s easy to forget that it gets, like, properly cold in other places. Places like Russia, where even a poor little Lada can’t escape the murderous ice.

After piecing together what happened via a very bad Google translation from two stories on Russian news site MySlo, it appears that the owner of the car parked it in a courtyard last month and left it there for some time. A municipal accident—likely a water main break—flooded the courtyard and then froze, effectively trapping the car.

The woman returned a month later, found her car in the state that it was in, and contacted the management company for help:

We have asked the management company “White Sail”, which serves the house. But they did not help us. Said, they say, there was nothing here to put it. Allegedly, everyone knows that in this place streams flow and the machine can freeze. We did not know it. I’m going to call an appraiser and write a complaint to the CC: my family was left without a car! And the administration and rescue - thank you for caring!


Happily, though, she was eventually able to get the local authorities to help her out.

I hope it still runs after that.

via English Russia