McLarens Withdraw From Pirelli World Challenge Because It's Impossible To Make Them Less Powerful

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The No. 6 and No. 9 McLaren 650S GT3s from K-PAX Racing with Flying Lizard Motorsports have been forced to withdraw from the Pirelli World Challenge GT Championship at Miller Motorsports Park. The reason? They’re simply too good.

Miller Motorsports Park sits at an altitude of over 4,400, which requires the imposition of increasingly strict regulation on engine power. And no matter what they do, they just can’t get those dang McLarens to stop being so powerful!

From the press release:

Located well above sea level in Tooele, Utah, Miller Motorsports Park sits at an elevation of over 4,400 feet. The higher elevation levels required the series officials to adjust the Balance of Performance (BOP) specifically for turbocharged cars competing this weekend, lowering each car’s allowable boost to equalize the turbo cars against their naturally aspirated competitors. The BOP regulations put in place for this event demand that K-PAX Racing with Flying Lizard Motorsports run a maximum turbo boost level that is unachievable, regardless of engine tuning, with the homologated turbo and engine package the McLaren 650S GT3 was designed and built with.

“McLaren GT have been concerned about the boost correction methods used in Pirelli World Challenge,” said Andrew Kirkaldy, Managing Director of McLaren GT. “This has been communicated to the series and we have asked for changes prior to Miller. When the Miller BOP was released, it was clear that we could not achieve the boost levels and we have been in almost daily contact with our technical staff and Pirelli World Challenge personnel to try and find a solution for K-PAX Racing with Flying Lizard Motorsports to race. Unfortunately despite our best efforts we could not find a solution that was acceptable to Pirelli World Challenge.”


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I don’t really feel this is a great summation of the events. If anyone cares to read a timeline. Marshall Pruett

PWC Competition Director Marcus Haselgrove provided an official response to matter:

To all Pirelli World Challenge teams, drivers and partners,

We want you to be aware of the sequence of events leading to the McLaren KPAX Flying Lizard team electing to withdraw from rounds 16 and 17 at Miller Motorsports Park.

In summary, the 2015 Rule book issued in January of 2015 carries forward a modified version of the 2014 boost altitude adjustment for all forced induction cars. Those teams include Cadillac, Bentley, Acura,Nissan and McLaren. All teams but McLaren were able to work though the technical issues related to compliance with the Jan 2015 altitude adjustment parameters.

Timeline of events:

  • 2015 Rule Book released January 22, including new altitude adjustment parameters
  • August 6th, BoP process document V.10 issued to all teams and manufacturers noting that there is a required three week time frame for requested Appendix A changes.
  • August 12th, McLaren requested Appendix A changes for boost tolerance of 59 millibar
  • August 18th, the Series responded with a 30 millibar tolerance to align the Series with internationally accepted standards
  • August 20th, After test sessions at the PWC Miller Motorsports Park event it was shown that the McLaren was over 100 Millibars in excess of the Jan 2015 altitude adjustment parameters.
  • August 21st, after the official practice session McLaren/KPAX/Flying emailed the series requesting us to allow them to run over 100 millibars extra while adding an undetermined, and untested amount of weight their cars.

The Series did not receive an Appendix A change request for this change and if it had it would not have been received within the three weeks mandated by the change procedure, therefore the Series could not respond outside of the guidelines for changes to the appendix A.

We appreciate the effort made by McLaren, KPAX and Flying Lizard to comply with the Series rulebook.