McLaren SLR Crashes, Destroys Surrounding Cars In Ferrari Street Race

A moron in a Mercedes McLaren SLR and a moron in a Ferrari were allegedly racing mid-day in Poland when the moron in the SLR crashed, destroying four surrounding cars and, miraculously, killing no one. It's a Crash Week miracle!

The crash happened Sunday when the two morons organized a race on public streets and the SLR driver just couldn't hack it. The car crashed in spectacular fashion, sending four individuals to the hospital after destroying as many as four other cars. The driver of the Ferrari fled the scene but eventually turned himself in. To make things even more stupid, it seems the McLaren driver had a kid in the car, but our Polish is rusty and software translation hasn't quite mastered the subtleties of the Polish language. In any case, this is a big box of stupid wrapped up in stupid paper and tied together with a stupid bow. (Hat tip to Lukasz!) [TVN (translated)]


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