McLaren Releases Awesome Nurburgring Video, Refuses To Say How Fast

The McLaren P1 has set a Nurburgring lap time, and here is frankly awesome video of it. McLaren just refuses to say exactly how fast it was.

Well, McLaren admits that the time was under seven minutes. That is fast. That is crazy fast. That is fast enough that you would catapult off the track and into a line of trees if you attempted that kind of speed.


But it isn't necessarily faster than a Porsche 918, which did a 6:57.

Of course, this is all meaningless because Ring times are categorically bullshit, mostly because they're not set in controlled conditions. When you see a 'Ring time video, you're just watching a carefully-controlled marketing exercise from an extremely biased source.

But what a sweet piece of marketing it is. I mean, the P1 sounds like Satan's own vacuum cleaner. And did you see it hop that curb like a skipping stone?

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