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McLaren Is Making An F1 Successor And It Could Have Three Seats: Report

Render credit Autocar, used with permission
Render credit Autocar, used with permission

The McLaren F1 is still probably one of the most radical and absolutely insane supercars to ever grace this planet, and according to a new report from UK car magazine Autocar, McLaren is gearing up a bespoke, all-new three-seater supercar for 64 lucky, lucky, lucky customers.


According to the report, the new F1-inspired car, code-named Bespoke Project 2, will be shifting gears a little from the original car, with McLaren’s eyes set on the ultimate Gran Tourer. Its three seats will no longer be there just to scare the shit out of your friends at ballistic speeds, but to do it in a more comfortable manner on longer trips apparently.

From Autocar:

The all-new, limited-edition £2 million car will be built in homage to the F1 and include many of its standout design features - including the three-seat layout, powered dihedral doors with openings that extend to the roof’s central vein, and a roof snorkel. However, the car is also being engineered to an all-new brief as an ultra-powerful GT car.


Sources suggest that the new car will use a modified version of the same-old McLaren twin-turbo V8, good for over 700 horsepower, and will be the showpiece for McLaren’s Special Operations division.

The exterior is described as a carbon fiber body “shrink-wrapped” around the mechanical parts of the car for “extreme elegance,” but is definitely not a retro car.

The car’s launch is expected to be 2018. Is the world ready?

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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I thought the P1 was the new F1. If they don’t call this one the F1 then I call shenanigans. They can just say everything they come out with is the new F1. Nevertheless... Totally excited!