When the McLaren F1 came out in 1992, standard equipment included a 627 horsepower BMW V12, air conditioning, electric windows and central locking, remote battery charging point with external charger, a flashlight in a tailored compartment next to the F1 Owner's Manual, a 10 CD Kenwood stereo system and a limited edition Tag Heuer 6000 with the car's serial number printed on its dial.

What it also had in the front was a toolkit made by French company Facom. But these were not your average wrenches. The titanium set weights 1/3 of its steel equivalent (the pliers remained steel), while a titanium nitride coating gives the tools their golden look. It goes nicely with the gold-foiled heat shilds of the BMW S70/2 engine. If you want something similar and have $1500 to spend, go for it.

The father of all hypercars was globalization itself on four very fast rotating cast magnesium wheels...


Photo credit and hat tip to Peloton25!