Mazda6 Images Hit the 'Net Ahead of Frankfurt Unveiling

Illustration for article titled Mazda6 Images Hit the Net Ahead of Frankfurt Unveiling

Well, hello! Web site dropped many official shots of Mazda's new Mazda6 ahead of its proper debut at the Frankfurt show next week. The new design pulls cues from the RX-8 and from Mazda's organic-styled concepts of late, with carved-in fender treatments and upswept headlamps. No details yet, but we'll be watching for the release. []

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The Legend of Vincent Tremblay

Don't think of the rear end as "looking too much like a Sebring." Think of it as "what the Sebring would have looked like, had Chrysler not screwed the pooch."

And damn, but that wagon looks sexy. I hope they bring it back to the States when the new generation arrives.