Mazda Will Give Free Oil Changes And Washes To Healthcare Workers, Even If They Don't Drive A Mazda

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Mazda on Wednesday announced it will be offering free standard oil changes and what it calls “enhanced cleaning services” for U.S. healthcare workers at dealers nationwide. The program, called the Essential Car Care Initiative, is not limited to healthcare workers with Mazda products, as the company is opening its service bays for most makes and models from other manufacturers as well.


While the rest of us stay off the road, it’s only the most essential members of society who are still racking up miles on their cars. Mazda has earmarked at least $5 million to help this program continue as long as necessary to ensure the folks we rely on for our health and safety have their transportation taken care of.

“Supporting the communities where we live and work is rooted deeply in Mazda’s 100-year history. We are honored to give back to those dedicated to saving lives during this pandemic,” MNAO President Jeff Guyton said. “We understand the important role vehicles play in people’s lives, and by partnering with our dealer network, we hope to make a meaningful impact in communities around the country.”

There’s nothing worse than spending a whole day in a virus-laced hospital only to get back in your dirty ass car to catch some weird strain of salmonella that has been brewing in your chicken cutlet holder. And only slightly worse than that is to get into your car every morning with a little warning on the dash letting you know that you’ve gone past the recommended life of your motor oil. Yeah, I know I should have done it in February before shit hit the fan, but here we are. Stop shouting at me, CAR!

Apparently some local Mazda dealers have already implemented a similar plan on a local basis, which inspired Mazda North American Operations to support a roll out of the plan nationwide. The people putting their own health on the line in the current viral climate are important to ensuring we can all one day get through to the other side of this, and we all need to make sure they are getting the help they need to facilitate that.

While it’s obvious that Mazda is interested in promoting itself in any way it can during these bleak automotive times, it’s still a really good idea, which is why I’m writing about it. If you’re one of the amazing healthcare personnel here in the U.S. go get your dipstick wet with Mazda! 

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This is great, but was wondering, do they send someone out on a run to get necessary parts (like oil filters) when a healthcare worker shows up with a non-Mazda, or how does that work? I doubt someone like David Tracy will show up with a piece of Jeep or a Nissan Pao like a certain Jalopnik writer, but is that what they do for all other cars?