Mazda Wants To Introduce Three All-New SUVs By 2023

The CX-50, CX-70, and CX-90 will all be hitting the market in the next two years.

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Photo: DIRK WAEM/AFP (Getty Images)

Mazda has been making waves in the new car department for the past few years, upgrading their public perception from discount brand to luxury marque, and its crossovers and SUVs are largely to thank for growing sales. So, Mazda has announced that it’ll be introducing three new SUVs before 2023: the CX-50, the CX-70, and the CX-90.

Of course, Mazda’s Thursday press release hasn’t exactly gone overboard on the details, which we’ll likely receive as the release dates grow closer.

We do know a few things, though. We know that the CX-50 will share a platform with the current generation of the CX-30 and Mazda3, with production beginning in January of 2022. The CX-50 will have increased all wheel drive capabilities and “functionality for consumers with outdoor active lifestyles” — but, honestly, what SUV maker isn’t advertising their cars as do-it-all outdoorsy champions nowadays? This car will likely clock in a few thousand dollars over the CX-5's base price of $26,545.


The other two models, the CX-90 and CX-70, will be based on a new six-cylinder architecture that Mazda has been cooking up, which replaces their current four-cylinder engine design. That same architecture also hosts plug-in hybrid capabilities, and we can expect them to go into production in late 2022 or early 2023. Pricing is a little hard to estimate on these, since they’re bringing so many new components to the table, but again, AWD is standard.

From the sounds of it, the CX-50 will be more of a crossover style vehicle, while the CX-70 will be a two-row SUV and the CX-90 a full, three-row SUV.

If you’re a CX-5 fan, though, don’t worry — Mazda doesn’t plan to replace it any time soon. If anything, these newer models will assist in further refining the beloved CX-5. But whether or not an overload of SUVs will be a good thing for the company or not remains to be seen.