Mazda Wants Jalopnik Readers To Help Create The Next Miata

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We're doing things a little differently today for Question of the Day. Mazda is developing a new Miata MX-5 and reached out to Jalopnik readers for input on the next generation of the company's beloved sports car. Why? Because, as Mazda puts it, "Jalopnik readers matter" and, also, because you all tend to answer "Miata" when presented with most questions anyways.

If you had ten minutes with the next Miata MX-5 development team, what would you tell them? What matters to you? What's critical to a Miata? What isn't?

Mazda will read all of your responses and, tomorrow, will respond to some of them for Answers of the Day. They'll also take all of the input and stuff it into the giant computer responsible for combining all the thoughts and dreams of all the world's enthusiasts into a car design. That's how it works… right?


Make your suggestions good so the next generation doesn't suck.

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