Here's another car for which I am unable to provide an exact model year; judging from the side moldings and air dam appearance, I can say it looks like a first-generation car from the 1981-83 period. Mazda rotary fanatics (are they known as Rotarians?), feel free to weigh in with your opinions on the topic. In any case, what we have here is a type of car that was once quite common but is now regrettably rare.

Blame the apex seals, or the (lack of) fuel economy, or the nightmare of trying to get a carbureted rotary to pass California's strict emission regs, but you just don't see these cars any more. And it seemed that they all disappeared overnight.

The design of these cars was beautifully smooth and simple; rather than an exaggerated TR-7-style wedge, Mazda did sort of a "soft wedge" with the first RX-7s. No other car looked quite like it, and it doesn't look particularly dated nearly 30 years later.


I've always liked the factory wheels on these cars. Damn, I've just about talked myself into buying an RX-7 now!


This car has a temporary registration sticker in the window, which probably means it can't be made to run well enough to pass the smog check. It parks very close to the '56 Willys wagon, so maybe it's owned by the same (presumably wrench-adept) owner.

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