Mayor crushes misparked luxury car with troop carrier

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The mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania was so upset with luxury cars parking in the city's bicycle lanes he held a demonstration to express his displeasure — using a troop carrier to crush a junked Mercedes W140, just like the Soviets used to. UPDATE.


Mayor Arturas Zuokas said he learned how to drive the Soviet BTR to send a message: "I want to point that if you have a car and more money (it) does not mean that you can park it everywhere," he said. How very un-American.

UPDATE: We now have video of the drive, and several shots of the Ferraris and other exotics that put Mayor Zuokas into a crushing mood.


Hat tip to Audrius!

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Klaus Schmoll

Seems like a lame photo op, I agree.

But somehow, I get the point. Rich people tend to think, they own this planet. "Give me a parking ticket? Oooh, that's 1/10th of my lunch money, I'm so scared! If you tow it, I'll send an army of lawyers...."

Especially in Eastern Europe, with their nouveau riche people, who came into wealth through not always all so legal means, this is a problem.

So maybe, we should make this a world-wide trend. If you are a rich bastard, who thinks he/she is above the law, and you park like an asshat, your ride will be crushed.

(Just think of all the times, you found someone blocking two parking spaces with one car. Come on, didn't you want to do the same?)