Maybe You Should Buy This $1500 Toyota Celica So I Don't Have To

Buying a '73 Baja Bug for $1500 was one of the best/worst decisions I've made, but it almost didn't happen. I nearly bought this rusty 1977 Toyota Celica instead.

Yes, this 1977 Celica. I saw it on Craigslist in the winter of 2012 but it disappeared from its listing not long before I settled on an equally-rusty, non-idling Beetle I now know and love.

But this very orange, very tape-striped, very fastbacked much wow Celica still pushes my buttons in a terrible way.

The car came offered only in GT trim, which meant it had a truck engine. I'm talking about the inimitable Toyota 20R, an engine which saw service for no fewer than five decades and remains absolutely indefatigable (this is the engine that was in Top Gear's indestructible HiLux, wait, no that was the diesel, nevermindthisonlywentintootherhiluxesnottheTopGearone), though you might wish it would just die already.


This particular car looks like a total rustbucket, but I have no doubt it is the rattly, nervous, rear-drive kind of car I absolutely adore.


So maybe pick it up so I don't have to?

Check out the listing right here on Craigslist in the Bronx (it runs!) and right here when as a backup for when the listing goes down.

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