Maybach 62S Landaulet: Buy It Now On EBay For Just $2.2 Million

Yes, the Maybach 62S Landaulet is obnoxiously luxurious. With that rollback canvas roof, it offers conspicuous consumption on a Citigroup-like level, but $2.2 million as a "Buy it now" eBay price is a bit steep.


Okay, it is the loaded model, complete with the twin turbo V12 and every option on the list, along with what's an apparently limited black on white color combination. Oh sorry, that's Baltic Black over Aspen White. We're seriously doubting anyone will step up and make a bid anywhere close to the the asking price, if not for the economy then for the fact that the seller can't take a decent picture of the dang car. Yes, it's the most luxurious car in the world right now, but with the look of a gussied up Mercedes S-class, it's a hard sell over something like, say, an actual 1934 Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin Cabriolet. But who are we to judge. [eBay listing]

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