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RVers who don't want to be stuck in some KOA rugrat camp or cavort with card-carrying members of the Good Sam club at the Perkins buffet have a new option for off-road motorhoming. It's the Octamog, an eight-wheeled camper built on the frame of an Escaro SS-300 8x8 off-road utility vehicle. Still in the build stages, the Octamog's been fitted with a cab from an Isuzu/GMC heavy truck and its rear area can be equipped for all manner of layouts including cargo hauling, mobile office or RV setups. Click through for specs. [Thanks to Bzanethepain (whoever you are) for the tip.]

· Esarco SS-300 (Stewart & Stevenson) 8x8 with front and rear steering axles
· Isuzu/GMC Medium Duty cab
· Cummins 6-cylinder inline turbodiesel with intercooler
· Displacement 5.9L (359
· Performance (projected) 250-300 hp.
· Max. torque (projected) 500-600 lb.-ft.
· Eaton/Fuller FS-4005 5-speed manual gearbox with crawler gear
· (2) Fairfield 2 speed transfer cases with street (1:1) and cross country (2.21:1) ratios
· 8x4 or 8x8 drive, engagable
· Heavy-duty Dana 60 Axles with 3.54:1 final drive ratio
· ARB Air locking differential on all axles with Warn locking hubs on axles 1 & 4
· Interco Irok Radial Tires (39.5x13.50R17LT)
· USA6X6 Wheels 17x11in. modular steel with stainless-steel rock-rings
· Recirculating ball hydraulic assist steering
· Chassis battery capacity (t.b.d.)
· (2) 32 U.S. gallon fuel tanks (64 gallon total)
· Fuel prefilter with water seperator
· Recaro seats with air suspension
· Additional seat for 3rd person
· Garmin Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation system
· Integrated air-conditioning
· Additional safety locks for drivers cab
· Roof rack with branch guard
· Winch for loading of spare tires
· Truck horns
· Off-road lights (t.b.d)
· Milemarker 12,000 lb. electric winches front and rear


The Octamog

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