This biker in Brazil was about to have a Very Bad Day, for about half a second, when he was blasted off his bike by random flying detritus off a passing pickup truck. It turns out that detritus was just a mattress, which was so kind as to lay itself down to cushion the blow.

It looks like the mattress was tied onto the roof of the passing pickup, at which point it flew off just as the truck was passing the poor biker, who was just minding his own business when a goddamn mattress smacked him off his bike.


Either that, or the jerk in the pickup truck intentionally threw a mattress at him. Wow, what a jerk.

The biker got back up, thanks to the nice mattress, and his bike seemed to be okay, too. Which was a much better ending than if he'd just ended up on the road, lying there, dead(?), or at least very badly injured.

Sometimes when you're moving you have to strap some crap to the roof. That's a given. You just gotta make sure it's secured correctly. You don't want to be that guy, with the crap flying all over the road, not only creating hazards for everybody else and ruining the days of guys just going out for a bike ride, but also with your stuff potentially getting destroyed.

So tie your stuff down.

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