Matt LeBlanc Threatens To Leave Top Gear Over Chris Evans, Top Gear-Hating Tabloid Reports

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Matt LeBlanc threatened to quit Top Gear unless co-host Chris Evans gets kicked off, according to reports from The Sun, a tabloid known for breaking Top Gear drama from various sources. The Sun said LeBlanc is sick of Evans’ “rudeness and frosty attitude” toward the Top Gear team.

Sure, the new Top Gear is struggling. The most recent episode got the worst ratings in show history, dropping to 2.34 million viewers from 4.3 million for the premiere. But the show has had some highlights, and The Sun is notorious for its wild Top Gear reports—most recently, the tabloid reported that Evans went on a yelling rant at a bunch of audience members during the first filming.


That, likely, wasn’t completely accurate. With that trend in mind, here’s what The Sun had to say about LeBlanc being fed up with Evans:

His declaration has left BBC bosses – who have already agreed to pay Matt for two series – with no choice but to pick one host over the other.

And it is believed a second Top Gear series, due to begin filming in September, may be shelved while they make their final decision.

A show source said: “The big question now is who goes and who stays. ...”

The report went on to say that sources claimed the Top Gear team “does not gel at all” and LeBlanc is “far from the only one who isn’t happy.” Evans is also, apparently, jealous of the praise given to Rory Reid and Chris Harris since the show began and doesn’t help anyone new to studio recording. In the words of The Sun’s sources, he “doesn’t encourage them in any way.”


Per The Sun, spokespeople for both the BBC and Evans declined to comment on the situation. The spokeswoman for LeBlanc said “nothing has been discussed or decided.”

If we’re honest, The Sun is known for its rumors and the continuous Top Gear stories coming from the outlet are no exception. The tabloid had a report on the first filming of the show that included a profanity-laden rant from Evans, with no citations whatsoever. Perhaps the author was there for the filming and heard Evans swearing at the audience, or perhaps the author wasn’t—either way, it lacks information that would tell a reader the story has validity.


So, as we always do, let’s take this one with a grain of salt. If LeBlanc isn’t back next season, we know what happened.