Auto manufacturers frequently use animals as inspiration for names. While many can identify the cars by sight, do you think you can do the opposite and name the cars by seeing a picture of the animal inspiring the name?

Try to be the first to match all twenty of these animals to the car that's named after them without checking out the answers. Only you'll know if you looked ahead and cheated. Good luck! (Hat Tip To David!)

[inspired by: HowStuffWorks]

Image Credit: Richard Day, National Geographic

Photo Credit: William Albert Allard, National Geographic


Image Credit: Rent Me Panama City Beach

Image Credit: Pete Oxford,


Image Credit: Chris Johns, National Geographic

Image Credit: Micheal St. George


Image Credit: Pavel Krasensky, Nature Photo

Image Credit: Anthony Childs, National Geographic


Image Credit: Captain Pat Green, Panama City Spear Fishing

Image Credit: btwood2, igougo


Image Credit: Travis Olson, canids

Image Credit: Carolina Bee Company


Image Credit: CLTV

Image Credit: LYNX


Image Credit: UWYO

Image Credit: A & M Shah, National Geographic


Image Credit: Mark Beeson

Image Credit: Absolute Divers


Image Credit: Daniel Pettersson, Wikipedia

Image Credit: Scott Bauer, Wikipedia


1. Nissan/Datsun Bluebird
2. Ford Bronco
3. AMC Marlin
4. Dodge Viper
5. Chevy Impala
6. Ford Pinto
7. Hudson Wasp
8. Shelby Cobra
9. Plymouth Barracuda
10. Chevrolet Bison Semi-Truck
11. Volkswagen Fox
12. Nissan/Datsun Honey Bee
13. Mercury Cougar
14. Jaguar
15. Cheetah kit car
16. Singer Gazelle
17. Plymouth Road Runner
18. Corvette Stingray
19. Studebaker Lark / Buick Skylark
20. Volkswagen Beetle