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Massive Tree Embedded In Car's Grille Tips Cops Off To Possible Drunk Driver

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A Chicago-area driver, whom police suspect was drunk (you’ll never guess HOW), crashed into a tree and wedged it into her engine bay. But instead of stopping like a normal human being might have, the trunk driver inexplicably just kept on going.

The Roselle Police Department posted two pictures on its Facebook page depicting a car with a 15-foot tree sticking out of its grille. The car had been driving in suburban Chicago late at night on the 23rd of January when another driver spotted it and called the cops.


An officer did eventually spot the car, possibly from a mile away, and pulled the tree-wielding Lincoln Town Car over. The officer noticed the airbags had been deployed (for obvious reasons), and that the driver appeared to be intoxicated.


The suspect behind the wheel, Maryann Christy, told the officer that she had run into a tree in a nearby town, but that she didn’t recall where exactly the accident took place, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Who runs into a tree and can’t remember where it happened? That seems like a fairly dramatic event to forget about, if you ask me.

The driver failed sobriety tests and the officer took her in on driving under the influence charges, police said. It was a bad day for her, and while alcohol may have affected her motoring skills, at least she still knew how to drive a stick.


Photos: Roselle Police Department/Facebook